No h264 encoded file


I try to use cumulousclips, and cannot add any video.

I can connect to Admin Panel

When I add a video :
Add a new video -> browse 6>chhose a video ->video is downloaded in cc-content/uploads/temp folder
I get a green video has been created message
I get an error :
Verifying H.264 video was created...
The temp H.264 file was not created. The id of the video is: ...
(log file)

All my videos are in the temp folder.

I also tried from user interface, I receive a message "error "

I do not know why the h264 files are not created.
Could you please tell me what to check ?
Thanks in advance.


  • My php version is 7.0, I'm using your latest download package as it's the first time I try to use your cms.
    I did a fresh install !

    In Settings -> Video,
    WebMencoding Theora encoding and mobile encoding are enabled
    Keep original video is "discard"
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