Captcha Plugin - Still have the image problem...

edited January 2018 in Bugs and Errors

I have always had the image problem from the time you first issued the captcha plugin on my request. Since I dont have many members it has not been an issue since the only thing I wanted to get rid of was the member registrations from bots.

I saw that someone had the same problem and that it now had been corrected. So after I updated to the latest version of cumulusclips 2.5.3 I removed the last captcha plugin and installed the latest from the web page. After that I included the {{captcha}} in the register.phtml. Unfortunately i still have the image problem for some reason... Any idea what I should that to look at to find the issue? When I check the link in the source through the webpage it points to a directory on my website that doesnt exist:

div id="captcha">
label class="">Security Text:
input name="security_text" type="text" class="text" value="" />
img src="" />
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