As we are using the Cumulus script on a few sites, we made and are making a few improvements.
- MP4 videos can be online without processing, to minimize server load.
- New template based on the "Newsroom", but will all Members' features
- Global setting to allow or not the "extra settings" for videos
- Various members' categories, with specific rights (video size, extra-settings, attachments, mailbox etc), all can be setup in the global settings by the admin, or at the Member level (by the admin). This allows to have paid Members for example, as we have on one of our website).
- Sub-categories for videos

If you are interested, we share the hacks, code is easy to check to be sure there is not bug :)

If you have ideas to improve the script, drop us a line, I think - and hope! - that the Cumulus team will not see any problem here.


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