How i am aproual my videos,,,,,

How i am aproual my videos,,,,,
the Auto-Aproual is Already on,,,,
but the video vaiting in pending?


  • Are the videos pending approval, processing, or pending conversion?
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    in Pending Videos, pending conversion.
    And i have not seen any button of Approval in my list to manualy Approval this videos,,

    i know & like this app from many years, but i want to resolve this step.
    Thanks for Reply
  • Please visit Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> System Logs and click "Purge Logs". Next try your upload again. After about 30 minutes go back the logs page and post here all the contents of the logs that are available.
  • when i am click Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> System Logs.... there are not avilible "Purge Logs" for click.
    System Logs

    No log files available.
  • Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video -> Log Encoding, turn that "Enabled" then do what mentioned above.
  • Settings have been updated, but there are notices.

    The following requirements were not met. As a result video uploads have been disabled.

    - Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI
    If you're using a plugin or service for encoding videos you can ignore this message.
  • What is the value in the PHP Path field?
  • /usr/bin/php
  • Can you try /usr/local/bin/php and save
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