Installation Issue

I have successfully installed all the software but a number of links do not work.
When i enter {site-base}/cc-admin/ it redirects to {site-base}/login/ and;

Users site;
click on videos and it redirects to {site-base}//browse/ - page not found
members > /members/ - page not found
upload video > /account/upload/video/ - page not found
login > /login/ - page not found


  • Seems like Apache rewrites are not working.

    - Verify that you have the hidden .htaccess file at the root of the script.

    - Next verify that mod_rewrite is installed and enabled in Apache.

    - Finally confirm that AllowOverride is turned on in your site's Apache configuration.
  • Thank you so much Damien! Works perfectly, it was AllowOveride needed to be enabled.
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