Delete user account since user panels

Hello, we noticed that registered users do not have the option to delete their account since user panels, is this normal?

Thank You.


  • Yes this is by design. Only admins can remove accountsHowever it is a good idea. I will suggest it to our team.
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    Ok thank you for your reply, we are starting to have a lot of user with this a lot of request for disabling/deleting accounts, it is unmanageable to respond to requests for account deletion in its conditions.

    We may be able to modify the code in order to add this possibility, but we prefer that it be your team that brings it definitively.

    We have also considered a solution to make a global search on all CumulusClips installations on the network, that is to say to use the shema that for example diaspora* uses in the form of a pod. But we will come back on in another subject.

    The priority being to give the possibility of given to each of the users the means of deleting are account.

    We count on you and your team, thank you for your help!
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