awaiting file conversion issue

I know this point has been answered maybe 1000's of times before, but this one is a little different.

I upload a file and get the classic message about awaiting file conversion. BUT .. my hosting has FFMPEG already installed and the error messages on my CPanel is going ballistic saying that static ffmpeg is some kind of error ? I can't even enable logs within the admin of Cumulousclips as it seems the save facility wont even save or reload the script and just get the bar that goes round and round trying to load. I have tried finding the FFMPEG file within my CPanel and can't find it anywhere (with a view of maybe targetting this within the video settings).

Can any of you give me some advice ? or is this meaning that CumulousClips is a no go on my server ?


  • The script uses the FFMPEG binary that comes
    pre-packaged with the script. It ignores any other installations of FFMPEG on the server. FFMPEG does not have anything to do with the admin panel or loading it in a browser. What specific errors are you seeing?
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