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Alright got a bit of a problem here. I will be changing web host's due to them uping there prices and now it seems like everyone is forcing a vps or dedicated on you. I know that these are what you need to handle that but some people don't have that kind of money.

Anyway my point is if I have to go without ffmpeg is there anyway I can still post videos using this script ?.


  • You can run the script no problem without ffmpeg, but you need ffmpeg to upload new ones.
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    Is there anyway I can tell the script to just post the video if I convert and upload it via ftp myself.
  • Yes, its technically possible, but its a very manual process. What is your budget? Im sure we can find a cheap web host.
  • Well tomorrow I will be deciding between godaddy or hostgator both won't install ffmpeg on shared hosting (which I don't understand why their machines are weak considering my last two hosts could handle that plus more) . But these are even more expensive I was paying 32.40 on arvixe for 6 months then they hike their price up to 50$ even though I have been with them for more then five years. So I will be paying monthly as per my budget of 40$ but there is also addons such i would need so yeah thats the only reason I am asking to make it easier on both accounts plus I REALLY like this script and its so hard to find anything else.
  • For $20-$40 USD a month you can get a dedicated server on either Digital Ocean or Linode. The script comes with FFMPEG bundled already so you wouldn't need to worry about that. You would just need to install the LAMP stack.

    The only thing I would note is that these are dedicated servers so you basically get no support for your application. You are responsible for installing and supporting all software yourself. However there a thousands of tutorials online for how to install Apache-MySQL-PHP on Linux so this should be a simple 20 minutes process you do once and never again.

    If I were you I would go that route. Plus you are not sharing the machine with anyone so it will operate with higher performance playing videos and transcoding/uploading them as well.
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    Well I'm not much into linux at the moment and I sometimes enjoy not having to be very in-depth with installing add-ons for it. I would have went that route if I knew more But I did find one called hostwinds which is not just for the video conversion. Now First I do want to say I'm sorry for not taking that route as not to anger you into not helping me further. Please Don't be mad but How hard would it be to alter the script ?. I do have a backup plan if it's to hard but I just love the professional layout so MUCH!.

    PS I know that does not always happen a person like me who does not have ffmpeg anymore asking for this but I am scraping the barrel here. I Hate felling powerless not being able to do anything.
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    Well I tried to get a budget vps for the ffmpeg and disk space wont be enough for the extra pc mods and cms so I'm pretty much stuff without ffmpeg unless I can upload and post without conversion.

    Please this is very important to me.
  • You would need to manually enter the video into the videos table. Next upload the H.264 encoded video to the /cc-content/uploads/h264 directory, as well as a jpeg thumbnail into the /cc-content/uploads/thumbs directory.
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