error sqlstate [HY000]: general error: 2006 mysql server has gone away;

Hello Cumulusclips Guru,

I'm Getting the "database.log" error while uploading .wmv with 351MB filesize. This is the first time i've encountered this kind of error.

Thank you so much.

[Wed May 17 2017 05:35:52] [error] Error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away;
Query: UPDATE videos SET filename = :filename, title = :title, description = :description, tags = :tags, category_id = :categoryId, user_id = :userId, date_created = :dateCreated, duration = :duration, status = :status, views = :views, original_extension = :originalExtension, featured = :featured, gated = :gated, released = :released, disable_embed = :disableEmbed, private = :private, private_url = :privateUrl, comments_closed = :commentsClosed WHERE video_id = :videoId; Params: {":videoId":"78",":filename":"k4YcUY4S1Qc8Bjf6KwQD",":title":"AP_Module_Sun_02_04_2017",":description":"AP_Module_Sun_02_04_2017",":tags":"AP Module",":categoryId":"12",":userId":"2",":dateCreated":"2017-05-16 11:47:05",":duration":"2:58:13",":status":"processing",":views":0,":originalExtension":"wmv",":featured":0,":gated":1,":released":0,":disableEmbed":0,":private":0,":privateUrl":null,":commentsClosed":0}


  • That is strange, given that we have 2 safeguards in place to protect against that. If you try again do you still get that error? Do you get that error for all large files or just this one?

    That error usually means the connection to your MySQL server was interrupted some how.
  • Hi Damian,
    Yes it is strange. I've successfully uploaded 60 videos with large file as 600mb but without any problem but take note that the movie is .mp4 already. With this error, the movie extension is .wmv is it the real reason?

    I'll check the upload status tomorrow and let you know if i'm still getting the same error as "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away; "

    Thank you so much Damian.
  • Hi Damian,

    Everything is working fine now. What i did was convert the .wmv movie to .mp4 then upload and viola.

    Thanks you so much for the support.
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