How to use "Pages" and "File Library"


I don't understand how works the menu "Pages" and "File Library".

I can create a page but where can I see it on the website ?
In "page edit", what means the property "Layout" and these values 'default', 'full', 'account' ?

I don't understand how to use/display a file from the "File Library".



  • I have do some tests, I have found the answer for 'Layout'.

    What is the interest of "Pages" and "Files Library" ? Is this just to integrate them into another website ?
  • Pages are custom pages you can create on your site. Files Library allows you to upload arbitrary files so that you can use them in different places and link to them.
  • Ok, thanks. I should create another website (new scripts php or html). The Pages aren't directly visible on the CC web interfaces ?
  • The custom pages are visible from CumulusClips. When you create or edit a page, the URL to the page will be visible underneath the "Title" field. That is the URL you can use to view the page.
  • Yes, I can use this url 'http://myserver/sample-page/' to access to the Page. But the user must know this url. There is no link who regroups all the references to the 'Pages' ?

    Sorry for my English. The attach file will perhaps explain better.
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  • Oh, I understand what you're asking. No, the pages feature only creates the pages. It doesn't affect any menus or links. You can add links to custom pages on your own in the theme files.
  • Ok, Thanks for your explanations.
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