CC 2.5.2 - Problem to view all videos of a member.


When I select a member wich have more than 9 videos, there's a button to see more. But when I clic, nothing change.

The limit is fixed to 9 videos. It's good for the default theme, but with some theme like Corporate, we can put 12 videos by default.

You can see the attach file.

843 x 636 - 29K


  • We will investigate.
  • ok, thanks.
  • Sorry, its works. I do CTRL+F5 in Chrome and its works today.

    How can I do to increase the default number of videos of the corporate plugin (9-->12) ?
  • At the moment you have two options:

    1) Create a plugin that hooks into the controller and runs the query the way you want
    2) Add the query to the theme file and use those results instead
  • Unfortunately I do not think I'm good enough in programming :-(
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