released = 1 or 0

What exactly is the "released" entry for in the DB?

I seem to have quite a few SQL entries in the database that have released set to 0, status = new, but do not have any associated .mp4 files on the filesystem and also do not show up in the video list in the Admin interface.

So logically i am trying to figure out what happened here. They are not listed as "failed" so that cannot be it. They were most likely not deleted by the user because I assume that would have deleted the SQL row in the table? So I am confused as to what could have happened.

Any idea?



  • Released is a flag for content that has been made public at least once, aka released.

    This comes into play when auto-approval is toggled, or content is banned and later approved. It acts as a safe guard to prevent things like user notifications when they've happened already for that particular content.
  • Okay, so that explains that. So what would allow an entry to show up in the DB, with released = 0, and have no associated .mp4 files in the h264 or mobile folder nor have a status of "failed"?
  • If it has a status of new then it was created pre 2.5. The video info was provided but abandoned without uploading an actual video file. In post 2.5 the video was uploaded but abandoned without providing video info. In any case, the video upload process was abandoned. The released flag gets set once the video completes processing and is approved.
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