[Fixed] CC 2.5.1 - Captcha Plugin - Image problem

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The plugin Captcha worked with version 2.4.1 but doen't work with version 2.5.1.

The image of the captcha is not displayed.

Is it a bug ?

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  • It's quite possible that the plugin needs to be updated. Many of the themes needed to be updated as well due to the new release, so it's definitely possible.

    Thanks for reporting this.
  • Thanks for your answer. I will wait an update.
  • Issue has been resolved. Make sure you read the updated instructions.

  • Thanks ! Its works perfectly ! I have add it in contact.phtml too.
  • Glad it works. Please note though, that it is only supposed to work on the register page. It is not meant for other locations.
  • Ok, with the old plugin the captcha was also present on the contact form.
  • Correct, that was a bug that has been corrected. It is only supposed to work on the register form.
  • Ok, I understand.
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