[Fixed] I can not log in to my admin since I changed the theme to newsroom

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I just changed the theme to newsroom and logged out to test the site. But now I cannot log back in. I even tried requesting for new password. That did not work. The error is "Errors were found. Please try again."
Please help


  • The theme is missing the new form tokens introduced in v2.5. We are updating all the themes accordingly. ETA is 10 days. In the meantime you can switch to the default theme or your own theme based on the default theme. Those should work.
  • but I cannot log in to change back the theme to default!
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    You can change it manually via the database. In the settings table, look for the key "active_theme" and change it's value to "default".
  • I got it. I changed the Newsroom name and could access the default theme
  • The theme has been updated. You can download it from GitHub or or Add Ons section.
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