Does CumulusClips support 4K videos?

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I want to upload & stream some 4K videos. Does CumulusClips support 4K videos or will my videos get scaled down? How can we support 4K videos if it is not supported by default.

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  • Videos will be scaled to whatever you specify in your h264 encoding settings.

    I myself added some hacks to offer my users a 1080p feed if the source (uploaded) video is 1080p or higher. Basically I installed a quality selector and have a custom perl-script that will go run every couple of hours looking for new uploaded videos that are in HD and create a HD stream if available. It works, but it is a hack at best. I'm hoping to find some time one of these days to clean up that solution and enhance it for the better.
  • Thanks GreenMotion for the reply, really appreciate.
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