[Solved] Cumulus 2.5.1 How to upload videos from admin panel

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I just upload cumulusclips to new version 2.5.1 and now i cant upload videos.
My steps
Select video file > Done
Title, description, tags, category > Done
Advance settings > Done

I only can click on Add video (havent another button)
Add video > Click

And report an error
"The following errors were found. Please correct them and try again.

- Invalid video upload"

On previus version i click on Upload video, but now that button is missing.

Cumulus was working fine until this update.

Edit: Restart server, clean browser cache and fix it. Video auto-upload without problems


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    The CC team changed the way uploads are being performed. Initially you got the screen asking for the meta information (title, description etc), followed by "browse", followed by "upload".

    In this new version, they got away with the upload button and as soon as you click browse and select your file, it starts to upload.

    For a normal user, you now have to select "browse", then when the upload finishes, you get the meta/information screens.

    For an admin, it starts to upload the video and at the same time presents the information page. I think what happened in your case is that you didn't wait for your video upload to be finished before clicking submit. I just tried this on my instance, and if you wait for your video upload to be complete, it will work.
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