videos stopped playing and now asks to be downloaded, mobile is fine

just noticed that all my videos stopped playing today on desktop
tried different browsers all same thing

tried mobile phones and it played fine

What logs do i need to check and why did this happen?



  • Did anything change on the webserver/Apache? There are Apache settings that can cause this to happen. However if there is nothing within the script, that would cause the way web browsers consume files from the server, to change
  • so what do i look for here? Any location to look for what could be the issue?
  • an HTTP header such as: Content-Disposition attachment would cause files to be downloaded vs displayed/played in the browser. Maybe something in Apache httpd.conf or a vhost set this setting. Possibly in an admin panel such as cPanel or Plesk.
  • i restarted apache and everything is back to normal..really crazy
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