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When I try to add user in phpMyAdmin everything seems good but when I try to play a video I got a html page without css and my video do not load.
Sorry for my english


  • User's aren't meant to be mass imported like that. You will be missing associated records from other tables.

    Can you view source on the broken page and check to see any PHP errors.
  • What kind of association ?
    I dont see any PHP errors in the console. Otherwise I have a " errors 500" in the network. Url is the same as the url of the videos.
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    You need to be more specific:

    - What is the full URL to the broken page?
    - Did you view the HTML source on the page and look for PHP errors?
    - If you didn't see any, you could check your Apache error log as well.
    - What file is throwing 500 errors in the browser network tab?
    - Are there any associated error messages, or just a plain 500 error. Are there any errors in the console tab?
    - Have you made any changes to the script, if so where and what?
  • So :
    - url :
    - I dont see any errors in the HTML source
    - I dont have log in apache. I dont know why.
    - The file's type is document and his name is the url
    - No messages are associate with the error. Just 500 errors with the file missing.
    - I dont made any changes to the script. I modify the css and the html.
    Screenshot here :
  • Sorry, I think my instructions we not clear enough. I need the actual URL so that I can debug it with you.

    The Apache logs are usually located in /var/www/httpd/error_log or something similar.
    I dont find the log of my server. I dont have the root's acces.
    The errors appear only if you are connected. I can create an account in the database for you if you want but we need a private message.
  • Create an account and send the username / password to
  • I reviewed your site and was able to login. You are getting a PHP error that is breaking the page preventing it from completing the rendering process. If you look at the HTML source of the broken page you can see towards the bottom that it abruptly ends here:

    <li><a data-playlist_id="<?=$favoritesList->playlistId?>" class="<?=($playlistService->checkListing($video, $favoritesList)) ? 'added' : ''?>" href=""><?=Language::getText('favorites')?></a></li>

    You need to revert any changes made to your code. Also, in your php.ini, turn error reporting on by setting the following values in your php.ini:

    error_reporting = E_ALL
    display_errors = On

    Then you will be able to see the exact error being thrown. If you don't know how to do this, your hosting provider can do it for you. Your PHP error log would also show you this, but you don't know how to find it.
  • Im trying to find the error. I found the PHP error log. Should be easy.
    Thanks a lot sir
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