Not Allow Users to Upload Videos

Is there a way to restrict all logged in users the ability to upload videos. Make the site for only browsing, search, comment and viewing videos. Only Users with Admin privilege will have the ability to upload, edit and delete videos.\
Arnaldo R.


  • I believe Admin Panel -> Settings -> General -> Member Video Uploads is what you want
  • Thanks Damian
    When I go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> General -> and Disable Member Video Upload, it works, disables Users to Upload videos but it also disables the ability for the Admin to upload videos too. Is there a work around to only allow Admins to upload videos?
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    Admins should still be able to upload via the admin panel. Is this not the case?
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    What i did on my end is hide the ff: upload videos, edit videos and delete videos but, it affects all users even the administrator. reason for doing this is restrict somebody from uploading, editing and deleting videos aside from myself being the administrator. If you want i can help you set it up.
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