Settings in Database

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to make an environment for shared hosting so that a team of developers to work in the cumulus clips.

Why base_url is set in the database?
Couldn't it be made in a config file or obtained using $_SERVER variable?


  • I can't remember exactly why it's stored the database versus a physical file. It was most likely to allow non-technical users to update their site URL without having to modify files.

    In reality it doesn't really make much of a difference as long as you reference the global "HOST" constant in your code. Please be aware, that in version 2.5 which will be released in two weeks, "HOST" is deprecated and replaced by "BASE_URL". In version 2.6 "HOST" will be removed.
  • yea is the same as wordpress, i guess is easier to pull from database than a file, also for security reason maybe
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