How to integrate the CumulusClips to work with Amazon AWS S3

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Is there anyway to integrate with Amazon AWS S3 to reduce our shared-server's load from the video uploads? If so, what files needed to be modified?

Will it be possible to store and retrieve videos using S3, just like it is on our shared-server?

videos that are uploaded stays in pending very frequently, and every time we need to contact our host to fix the problem.
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  • Technically yes, but it will require alot of customization. This would not be a simple task and require a PHP programmer.
  • Please check this link and let me know if it is feasible.

    problem that we have on our shared server is that videos hangs in processing and we are thinking to transfer the load from shared server to AWS...
    Any help would be appreciated
  • Moving to S3 for video delivery and storage will not solve your processing issues. Those are related to the transcoding process which takes place on your server.

    If processing is hanging, it is most likely due to not enough RAM dedicated to your hosting account and/or too many CPU processes running. Both scenarios are common in shared hosting environments. We recommend getting a dedicated or cloud server. AWS wouldn't come into play until after transcoding is complete.

    To give you an overview of how it would work using AWS S3 for storage and delivery, see the following:

    1) Update /cc-core/system/encode.php to use the AWS PHP SDK to upload your new video files to AWS S3.
    1 a) Upload the final H.264 MP4 to your bucket
    1 b) Upload the final mobile MP4 to your bucket
    1 c) Upload the thumbnail to your bucket
    2) Update /cc-core/system/bootstrap.php so the H.264, mobile, and thumb URLs are pointing to your S3 buckets.
    3) Update the /cc-core/services/VideoService.php so that the files are deleted from AWS S3 when the delete request is made.

    That's it in a nutshell. Not too complicated, but will require quite a bit of programming.
  • Thank you
    what is interesting that some videos process successfully even when others stays in pending indefinitely

    How much RAM is recommended.

    If I use your cloud hosting, will I lose access and control of my files?
    How will I be able to update or customize the site periodically?
  • Yes, using our cloud solution you would lose access to the files. You have a selection of themes pre-installed to choose from. You can also add custom Javascript and CSS via the admin panel like you do in the community version.

    Some video require more resources than others to transcode. That is why some work and others fail. Additionally, there may have been other hosting accounts on your server, using heavy resources at the same time as you.

    We recommend at least 2GB of RAM. Of course, the more the better.
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