Dynamic routing

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or the ability to add a route.
And i need a filter after Plugin::triggerEvent('app.start');, but before $route = $router->getRoute(); and Plugin::triggerFilter('router.static_routes', $routes);
Something like Plugin::triggerFilter('router.before_routing', $routes);


  • What are you trying to achieve specifically?
  • I want to make an alternate adaptive admin panel on ExtJS 6 (classic + modern). Perhaps as a plugin. But now it does not matter.
    I want to be able to create my own JSON API.
  • To add custom routes dynamically you would attach to the "router.static_routes" hook. You will be provided with the $routes array containing all the system routes. Simply append your custom routes to that array and return it. At that point your custom routes will be loaded by the system.
  • Indeed =))) lol
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