Can't upload videos

Receiving the following: Errors were encountered during the processing of your file, and it cannot be uploaded at this time. Not sure where to look for errors.


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    That error indicates an error during the actual upload process. The encoding process did not come into play yet. Make sure your server meets all the requirements listed here:

    Additionally, ensure permissions on the:


    directories are open for writing by both Apache and PHP. Finally, ensure that Apache settings like:

    Apache: LimitRequestBody
    Apache mod_cgi: MaxRequestLen
    Apache mod_fcgid: FcgiMaxRequestLen

    are large enough for the video you're trying to upload.
  • I believe I meet all the requirements and I've confirmed permissions on /cc-content/uploads. I've added LimitRequestBody to httpd.conf with no change.
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    How big is the video you're trying to upload and what extension is it?

    What value did you provide to LimitRequestBody?

    Did you give the /cc-content/uploads/temp directory write permissions for Apache too?

    Also, please create a file on your website, named info.php with this content:

    <?php phpinfo();
    And provide a link to that file.
  • video is around 40mb and the LimitRequestBody value is 2147483647.
  • All looks good. We need to debug the upload handler to see what the problem is exactly.

    Open the developer console in your browser and observe the network tab. The response of the ajax upload call should give you a detailed error message. Make sure to have the console open prior to uploading the video.
  • I'm not seeing any error in the developer console under the network tab.
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