Image description specific size


How to make sure, in the description users can only upload specific image sizes?

Thank you in advance


  • Hey buddy; what do you mean exactly? You want to limit the number of characters they can enter in the description field? (I don't understand where "image sizes" come in). Unless you are talking about people embedding HTML code with images?
  • The character limit I figure it already

    Is this one, embedding HTML code with images so that it can only be no more than 300 PX in width by 600 PX in height
  • This is a quick and dirty fix.

    edit your theme's play.phtml



    replace with:

    <p><style>#video-description img { max-width: 100px; }</style><div id="video-description"><?=$video->description?></div></p>

    Obviously you want to change max-width: to your desired width.
  • Hello

    I already have this to have it center


    from yesterday's other discussion:
  • hello

    Can you please tell me how to handle this1
  • What is it that you are waiting for or need on this?
  • How will it work with the description center snippet code?
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