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Its been some time since I have last been here. Originally I switched web hosts both shared machines for clip bucket use but now I am looking to use your script.

What I need to know is this.

1.Will it take a lot of resources.

2.Can I disable the encoding as I will be encoding to mp4 for High Quality video's

Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong area I figured this as an all round question in some areas.


  • Hi and welcome to CumulusClips.

    1) Depends on the video being transcoded and the command being used to perform the transcoding. You can see and modify the FFMPEG command in: Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video -> H.264 Options. Typically we recommend getting a webserver with plenty of RAM to handle encoding.

    2) H.264 and mobile H.264 cannot be disabled with some plugin trickery. In your case, I would just let the normal transcoding process run it's course and then simply overwrite the generated video files with your own. It's less hassle.
  • Would you say 32GB is enough ram ?. Also do you know of any problems this mite have on Centos 6.8 ?.

  • Yes, that is more than enough.

    You should only notice slight slow downs when transcoding multiple videos at the same time. A beefy multi-core can help with that to a certain point.

    There should be no problems with CentOS 6.x.
    Just make sure your server meets the minimum requirements for CumulusClips listed here:
  • I am just wondering because my site is also on there.
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