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Can one use any type of characters when adding a text to the language file? or some of them will cause issues and if so which ones are the ones?

Thank you!


  • Hello

    It's been 6 days and NO reply on this! Is this forum not working anymore?

    Please reply if not with an answer to the language file then to the forum one!
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    Yes, the forum still works. Please be aware that we support this software and forums in our spare time. Our families and jobs take priority so we don't always have time to answer your questions immediately.

    As far as your question, yes you can added any UTF-8 encoded characters to your language file. If you need to add HTML, wrap the text in CDATA tags. There should already be examples of that in the language files.
  • Thank you for your reply and I understand now!

    Now that I can reply to your comment I most tell you that I think my site was hacked; All of a sudden the upload doesn't take me to upload the video, the signup doesn't work, the html code on edit video doesn't get picked up anymore!

    What can one do to protect the site?
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    That's strange. I would think that if it were actually hacked, the entire site would be hijacked, not just a couple of pages.

    What is your website so that we can help debug.
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    The site is

    Try to signup and you will see!

    Also below are the logins for an user (my self) for you to try the upload and also do an update on any video description by adding an html code snippet with an image...


    Please bear in mind that I am trying my host to restore a backup of such website
  • I forgot to tell you that while in admin mode one can add an user!
  • Your site does not appear to have been hacked. Some things aren't functioning properly but I suspect it's theme, or customization related. Did you create a custom theme by copying the default theme, or did you directly modify the direct theme? Also, did you modify core files in the script, i.e. controllers, classes, etc?
  • I first created the site with a sub-domain then when it was ready I clone it to the current domain and had no issues what soever until just a few days ago.

    I remember going to the members file to place a code to hide the admin one but that didn't work: what I did with the file was replaced the entire code with the one from a new script I installed on another sub-domain and subsequently done the same with other theme files I worked on but to NO avail!
  • So what's the latest? Did you get it to work?
  • Nothing yet!

    still waiting for hosting to do a re-store
  • I had the site re-store and while putting in it back together I thing i found the cost of all the issues I had and that was this:
    I edited by adding text with capital letters and then when to test site to log in and wasn't able to!
    then when back and change to lower case and was able to log in!
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