Can't get past enable short_open_tag on wizard. Using php 7.0 - this is no longer needed, nor an opt

I'm trying to setup Cumulus Clips, but can't get past step one of the wizrd because of the short-open_tags requirement.

I'm using PHP 7.0 in Apache2 server, and from reading, it appears short_open_tag is no longer required in 7.0, and the setting is simply ignored no matter what you set it to in php.ini.

So, is there a suggestion for getting past this?


  • This is on our radar. We are working on getting the codebase compatible with PHP 7. At the moment all I can suggest is to replace all the shorthand tags in the installer with standard tags, i.e.


    to this

    <?php echo $some_var; ?>

    However you will run into more shorthand tags in the theme. The good news is that the theme can be overwritten with your own theme.

    There may be other unknown incompatibilities with PHP 7 though.
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