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is it possible to have the register page password protected so only user I approve of can register?


  • You can change registration to admin approval in the admin panel. That way only users you approve will have accounts. This functionality already exists.
  • Hello

    That option doesn't exist the only options at MEMBER REGISTRATION are: Disable and Enable
  • And Disable just goes to 401 page
  • It's called Member Approval
  • Here is the proof that Member Approval option is not available!
  • I try to upload a screen shot of admin area but is doesn't work!
  • Sorry I guess it took a while!
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    597 x 736 - 54K
    597 x 736 - 54K
  • The "Member Approval" option is only available when "Member Registrations" are set to Enabled.

    So set that to "Enabled", then set "Member Approval" to "Approval Required"
  • Hello

    I guess i missed that, but is not working!

    I sign up to test it and was able to register on my own!

    I checked the admin general settings and notice that the "Approval Required" didn't updated at all, I try a few times to no avail!
  • The "Approval Required" setting will still allow anyone to register; it's just that they won't be able to upload any videos until you approve those members.

    If you want to block the actual registration piece as well by password protecting it, hmmm, that's going to be challenging. You could use .htaccess directives, but it would create a maintenance nightmare for you.
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