Video Description limited characters

Is it possible to have a maximum of characters on video description?


  • Yes, you would need to add your custom character length logic to the upload video page, and edit video pages. Those are are the only places where users csn provide a video description.

    There is also the add/edit video pages in the admin panel, but those are restricted to admins, so I don't think you eould need to modify that.
  • And how is this done? I am not a coder!

  • Damian can you guide me on this as well!
  • Hello

    I have done some research and found a j query plugin to do this, I need to upload 2 .js files to make it work! So where do I upload this to?
  • Upload the files to the js folder of your theme /cc-content/themes//js. Then add the reference to the files in your layout files.
  • Thank you!
  • This can be close!
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