How to add videos to playlist

I created a playlist but I don't see an option to add the videos to it!

How is this done?


  • Go to the video you want to add. Underneath the player open the Add section. Then select the playlist you want to add the video to.
  • Hello

    Underneath the videos I only have this two options: Edit video or delete video
  • No, I mean on the page where you play the video.
  • Hello

    Then that option should be on user profile at my videos, next to; edit and deleted!

    Why when some one is viewing the video can see that option?

    Or this option display when one is on the profile page only?
  • A user can possibly have many playlists available to him/her. You would not want to display or attempt to retrieve that entire list anywhere a video thumbnail appears. That would be a huge load.

    Currently, the play page is the only place that loads all of the current users playlists. This allows the user to add the video they are watching to whatever playlist they like.
  • I understand now!

    Thank you!
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