Include description on embedded videos


Is it possible to include the description in the embedded video?


  • Technically yes. There is an embed.phtml theme file which contains the player during embeds. You can modify that file.
  • Can you show how to?
  • open the file /cc-content/themes/your-theme/embed.phtml.

    In that file simply use:

    <?php echo $video->description; ?>
  • Hello

    Thank you for that, but i have try different places within the body to no avail; The closes I came was when I place the code on the head but it goes on top of the video! I also place the code in a div but nothing!

    It doesn't seem to be that simple!
  • Most likely because these are embeds; the applied style sheets make what you want more complicated. Where would you want this description to show up? Under the video? If you do that, it will no longer take up 100% of the iframe.
  • I'll like to have it under the video - Please, I will like to try that to see how it looks!

    Thank you in advance
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