CumulusClips on GitHub

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Hello all,

We are a little late to the game, but we are finally releasing our codebase on GitHub. You can find our GitHub account here:


We encourage members of the community to contribute bug fixes and new Add-Ons such as themes, plugins, and language files. To contribute simply fork the repository, make your changes, and submit a pull request.

Please be very clear on your commit messages and pull request, empty or vague pull request messages may be rejected without reason.

We ask that you only submit one fix or feature per pull request. This makes it easier for our team to review and merge in your changes.


We currently have four repos: languages, themes, plugins, and the actual script. We are accepting pull requests on all repos except for the main script's repo.

The repo for the main script is made available as READ ONLY. Please do not submit pull requests, issues, or anything else on that repo because it will be ignored and/or rejected. The actual in-progress source code for the main CMS is currently private and only released according to our standard release schedule.
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