• Not sure what you're asking for.
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    How hard could it be to design a script that will recognize and delete porn automatically. That is what I am thinking. My real question is two videos uploaded. Two are stuck processing. How do I fix it.
  • @Nerve, in regards to "how hard could it be to design a script that will recognize and delete porn automatically" ... why don't you give it a shot? Better yet, turn it into a CC plugin!.

    As far as the stuck videos; can you share the logs so we can have a look? You can find those under cc-core\logs.



  • Yeah man np thanks just gimme a second. I woke up and did a video this morning it worked though 3 & 4 are still processing. I just started so I am broke the most I can really offer @damian @GreenMotion is a dollar for your help rn when I come up I will remember the names. brb
  • I can't speak on behalf of Damian and/or the CC team, but as far as I am concerned I'll gladly help you anyway I can without compensation. So no worries. We do need to see logs though for us to be able to help you out. :-)

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    I found one
  • @GreenMotion I shared this info and my https is down for all my domains. I can fix it with ease though got any clues? heh
  • it's back up baby www.TeleKineSis.TK fowards to the https:// better name for it than youbatube better rep I want @Damian @GreenMotion with multi million dollar checks
  • @GreenMotion I am thinking about just hiring a programmer Sick script though @Damian @CumulusClips
  • No replies and now my sites are getting DDoS
  • What is the issue your are having with the script?
  • None Fuck it now I have to write webpages
  • @Damian Nerve@TeleKineSis.TK hmu
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