URL Link at description

Is is possible to have a url link in the description text area aka youtu...


  • In the play.phtml theme file there should be output of the description with escaped html. Just remove the escaping.
  • Hello

    I have try that but I don't see any reference to escaped html any where! to remove it.

    i did the following: I went to cc content then themes and default and then the play file; but all I can see is this code about description:


  • If you don't have any escaping in your theme, then there should be nothing preventing what you want.

    What happens when you add HTML to the description field when editing videos? It should work as is.
  • This is the link to the video that has a url in it but is not clickable: http://tv.cotorrea.com/videos/1/goles/
  • That video doesn't have a link, it has a plain URL. To make it a clickable link use this instead in the description:

    <a href="link url">Link text</a>
  • Damian!
    It works! But it has an issue; when you scroll the page you will see at top-left on top of the header this: visit site" />
  • Can you post here the full description from within the edit video page so that we can see.
  • This is it:

    test and please visit site
  • I see what's going on. The video description is being used as the meta description on the play page. Since you have HTML in the description, it also appears in the HEAD tag causing the text you see in the header.

    I will report this to our team to see if we can come up with a workaround in our next release.
  • I understand what you just said but let me be clear that, this DOESN'T happen with just having test only (It happens when html is included)

    - Can you just have a separate text box for the url only! - just the url - because I also placed an entire banner (I removed it already) in the description as well (which it shows on the HEAD tag too) so again I repeated my self "url only"
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