Install issues with Softaculous CumulusClips running on CWP Admin

Hello I run a Centos server at home. This runs CWP. I use this to run my various personal sites and domains all conveniently shared hosted on one box. Problem is I have yet been able to install and run any of the built in video scripts that Softaculous has to offer including this CumulusClips. I have been able to install this before on a server made just for this one site and configurations on a non shared environment. That was kind of easy and swift, Just follow one of the setup guides online. How ever this is not my goal. I do not want to run a real physical or VM box just to host this one site. I would like the video sites to also be able to run off my server backed via CWP and Softaculous, I am not a linux expert but I can find my way around if I have to. the reason I like this configuration for my hosting platform is the simplicity of the CWP install. You just provide a minimal Centos install and the CWP install script does the rest and auto configures apparently everything you need. I cross my fingers and hope it works and along with Softaculous, I am able to install my CMS scripts and various all other various scripts work just fine installed via a click of a button via Softaculous. But no working video scripts :( Anyhow I install this on my system and Videos are stuck at "pending convertion" so my log show that PDO extension is not installed. The fact that CWP did not install and configure this module automatically gives me a head ache now. In a normal case I would just install it myself but I dread the idea of trying as this system is already hosting several sites of mine fine, With some of my minor experiences if you try to do your own, Yum installs in the background of a CWP configured system of Apache and PHP related things, It breaks the CWP. In past I had to re-format and try again, This time not tingeing with settings I normally would. and this is where I am not good enough in linux to start repairing and rebuilding modules of a accidental CWP break figuring what could of went wrong. So in short, Does anyone have experience installing this video script on a Centos System running CWP? Anyone know how I could install this PHP extention without breaking my system mostly the CWP admin script. Thank you so much!
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