PHP Path, Upload Disabled

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Your server does not meet the minimum requirements for video encoding. As a result video uploads have been disabled. Please check with your web host to ensure they fully support CumulusClips.
Visit the Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video, to re-check your system and enable uploads. You could also use a plugin to manage video encoding for you.

PHP Path is blank in the Settings menu, i dont know what to fill in there?? even if i change some encoding settings, uploads are still disabled :(
im using an old synology nas,


  • Update: the php.ini file /usr/syno/etc.defaults
    the extention.ini & user-setting.ini are: /usr/syno/etc.defaults/php
    i dont know if this information is needed :), better to many info than no info ghehe
  • What is the path to the PHP-CLI on your server?
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