VIdeo is not fully uploaded


I am facing an issue when trying to upload my latest videos.

The original video length is about 3 or 4 minutes, but after uploading them, they are converted to 2 and something minutes long videos. I changed the settings that were supposed to fix that but this did not solve my problem.

Also, on the mobile version, they are even shorter (2.15 on original, 2.05 on mobile)

Could you please advice how to proceed?

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  • Is there a way for us to see the before and after videos. Maybe a link to yiur site and a link to the original video.

    Also, what are your FFMPEG settings?
  • This is a link to the uploaded video -

    If you go to , you will see the original length of the video - 3.58, but the uploaded one is 2.29. Also, when I download the .flv file, it is 2.29 again.

    I am thinking of solving my problem manually by converting my original video to flv and replacing the files, but I do hope there is a solution for my problem.

    Where can I get the FFMPEG settings from?

  • Sounds like perhaps the encoding process is skipping frames. It also sounds (considering you are talking about .flv) that you are using an older version of CC and most likely an old version of ffmpeg as well.

    The CC guys were kind enough to bundle a statically compiled ffmpeg binary into their CC 2.x branch. It might be worth upgrading.
  • I was considering to update to the newest version, but was unable to do so. I had few problems several times and stopped trying.

    Now I am using version 1.3.2., is there a middle version to be upgraded to before going to the final one?
  • I will let Damian be the final authoritative answer on whether or not there is a middle version, but to my knowledge there is not. Do you have a lot of videos? The 2.x branch is so much better and moving away from .flv to mp4 etc. will make playback so much easier and save you diskspace in the process.

    I bit the bullet when 2.x came out and started from scratch, migrating the videos I had on 1.x.

  • I could install the latest version and start from scratch too, I keep my projects locally, so won't be a problem to upload them again. :)
  • There is no middle version. You can see the updates on the releases page of our website, but after 1.3.2 there is only 1.3.3 which preps the script for end of life support. We no longer support v1, so unfortunately I wouldn't even know where to start helping you. Sorry.

    I would do as @GreenMotion mentioned. If you have any issues with v2+ feel free to let us know and we can help.
  • Thanks for the support, I think we can close the case :)
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