Youtube and other services integration...

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Is it possible to do? Without uploading video to the server, just copy the link for example from youtube?


  • And how to make, that in the description lines which you enter remained?
  • Hello,

    CumulusClips is built from the ground up for uploading, delivering, and owning all content; not sharing it with other services like YouTube.

    But to answer your question, yes it's possible, but will require a alot of customization.

    Honestly if all you want is to be able to embed YouTube videos onto a page, you're probably better off using a regular CMS like Wordpress or Drupal.
  • You couldn't make it in yours cms? Simply very much it was pleasant Cumulus...
  • Sorry we do not plan on having YouTube embed integration any time soon.

    If you really want to use CumulusClips manage videos from YouTube, another possibility is for you to write a plugin, but again it will require alot of customization and i don't think it's worth the effort when other CMS's can accommodate that pretty easily.

    Now if you don't mind uploading the videos to your server with CumulusClips, then you can use a site like to save the videos to your computer and then upload them to your CumulusClips site.
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