CC-ERROR-200 in cc-admin/admin.php?first_run

I read the solution in the other discussion by someone else, but your solution to edit the "config.php" in cc-core/system. I have NO config.php file there. All my database tables are present and my user data has been entered. BTW - My original downloaded files do have the config.php file either.


  • If the config file is missing, then the installer encountered errors. Make sure error reporting is set to all in your PHP settings.

    We need to find iut what ereor ocurred, otherwise it's bound to happen again. Check your PHP error log to see what errors ocurred.
  • Call this one solved. I found the config.php online. Also, just as a warning; DO NOT use "$" in your password! I changed my password and took out the $ and everything works Great!
    Sorry for the unnecessary post. Maybe it will help someonelse...
  • Glad to hear its fixed.

    Which password are you referring to, FTP, DB, or Admin Panel?

    Did you ever see what he actual error message was?
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