Upload Step 2 Upload Video erro

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Errors were encountered during the processing of your file, and it cannot be uploaded at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Our support team has been notified and will investigate into the cause and fix for this issue. If you continue to experience problems using this feature please contact us for further assistance.

I am having trouble up when I try to upload mp4 video
what it can be?


  • Create a file in the root of your site called "info.php" with the following content:

    <?php phpinfo();

    Then post the url to that file here.
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    does not have any errors I find checks
    because I did not understand about the error
  • Run this command on the command prompt at the root of the CumulusClips script:

    chmod -R 777 cc-content/uploads

    Then try your uoload again. Also have your browser console open to make sure you're not getting any Javascript errors.
  • I did everything but still giving the error
    You think you can be more o'que?
  • Have you received any emails from the script with error messages? When that error is generated in the backend, it triggers an email to the site admin with the reason the upload failed.

    What are the values in Apache for the following:

    Apache: LimitRequestBody
    Apache mod_cgi: MaxRequestLen
    Apache mod_fcgid: FcgiMaxRequestLen

    Also, did you see any errors in the browser console? The browser consile must be open prior to attempting the upload.
  • Thank problem solved

    A possible doubt change the holder
    CumulusClips - Free Video Sharing CMS, Free Video Sharing Script, Free Video Sharing Software, YouTube Clone Script?
  • That's good news. Would you mind sharing how you solved the issue

    To replace that text simply edit the cc-content/languages/english.xml file.
  • Thank achieve otimo
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    Thank achieve otimo
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