Conference presentation and attribution

I would like to present our custom UVM installation of CumulusClips as a poster session at the EDUCAUSE Annual conference ( this October. Questions:
1) Do I need anyone's permission?
2) How should I attribute CumulusClips? I'm thinking something like this

This work is an adaptation of CumulusClips ( under the terms of the GNU General Public License. All CumulusClips code is Copyright 2014 by the original authors.


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    That's great! No you don't need our permission, feel free to showcase your work. An attribution would be nice which you are clearly doing.

    As far as the attribution itself, something along the lines of "... is powered by CumulusClips (" is fine.

    I wouldn't mention the license and copyright. Those are available on our website and already packaged into our software. It takes away from your message.

    Just an FYI, version 2.3 is launching later today. I recommend updating after your presentation to avoid any issues.
  • Also, thank you for choosing our platform for your project!
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