[Solved] Wrong video size in new Corporate theme

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Hi guys,

I just tested the new Corporate theme and it looks really nice, thanks for that. But for some reasons the video size remains on 750x420 for me once I click on the full screen button. I have tested it with different browsers and the result is always the same. With the old theme it works fine. Not sure if it's something related to my installation or a general bug?



  • It's a bug, I'll recommend the fix to our team. In the mean time, find these lines in both pages.css and responsive.css:

    .video-player-container .video-js,
    .video-player-container .video-js video {

    and replace them with these lines:

    .video-player-container .video-js {
  • Thanks a lot for the quick fix Damian, the css modification resolves the issue indeed.

    But I discovered two additional bugs:

    1. Search autocomplete works fine but the actual Search button is not working at all.
    2. For some reasons the login page is displayed wrong in IE 11. The footer overlaps the login form. It works fine with IE9, Chrome, Firefox and Edge though..

    Have a good day.

  • I will start a new discussion, this topic can be closed

  • This issue has been fixed in the theme. Feel free to download it.
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