getting error code 404 on almost every page

/videos/ , members/ , /account/upload/ will give error 404
also if I try to upload the admin console it will say stuk at 0%
My last question would be if it is possible to add a local directory on the server to Cumulus database


  • fixed the problem with error 404. Still videos won't upload :-(
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    If you mean a custom table to the CumulusClips database of your site? Yes, you can do this and it will not cause any problems.

    If you mean add a custom directory to the CumulusClips file structure of your site? Yes, you can also do this and it will not cause any problems.

    If the upload is stuck at 0%, it could be several things. Create a file in the root of the CumulusClips site called "info.php" with this content:

    <?php phpinfo();

    Then post a link to this webpage here.
  • what I mean is if I can add a video from local filesystem on the server. In other words if I can say add there everything what is in folder /mnt/something/*

    I will create the link as soon as I have access to the server.
  • Upload Stuck at 0%

    Your PHP Info looks fine. What size video are you trying to upload?

    Also, check the following Apache settings, low values for these settings sometimes cause upload problems (all sizes in bytes):

    LimitRequestBody 104857600
    (Apache mod_cgi) MaxRequestLen 104857600
    (Apache mod_fcgid) FcgiMaxRequestLen 104857600


    Load videos from directory

    Adding videos from a local directory won't work because they still need to be encoded to generate the H.264 & mobile videos, thumbnails, and duration. You might be able to create a plugin to load each video and run it through the encoder (/cc-core/system/encode.php) as a background task.
  • even video as small as 1.7MB fails. What ports are used to upload the file? The server is behind NAT so it might be a port problem.
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    Make sure your upload folder and it's sub-directories are writeable by the webserver. You can run this command from the root of the script:

    chmod -R 777 cc-content/uploads

    Then try your upload again.
  • The port and NAT shouldn't be an issue. That is addressed automatically by your web browser and the webserver. If you can reach the site, that is all that should matter.
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