404 - Page Not Found when trying to access the admin panel

i have been searching for a solution on the forums but i cant find a solution to my issue. i'm getting a 404 - Page Not Found when trying to access the admin panel. i checked the .htaccess file and its there. i also allowed override a ll in the httpd.conf file. initially the installation failed to complete and i deleted the cc-install folder. i'm testing cumulus clips on my local machine where i have full admin rights. i have attached php_info() detail as well as my httpd.conf file.


  • Are you getting an Apache 404 page (blank white screen with black letters) or a CumulusClips 404 page (with the default grey and blue layout and the logo)?
  • Hi Damien i was getting the cumulusclips 404 page. i managed to resolve the issue. I changed the settings.php file to settings_general.php and now i can access the admin panel. However when i click on the general menu i get still get the cumulusclips 404 page
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