Great Job on Cumulus

I started using CC today (which saved me a lot of time building from scratch in rails). Just wanted to say, great job Damian - looks like you're running a one-man show but the script is great and the community is top-notch.

Curious to hear if there's a roadmap for future dev? Or what's the plan in general for CC?


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    There is a roadmap, it's just not public. Allow me to brief you on our general direction.

    Contrary to appearance, it's not a one man show. I'm not the only developer or even the largest contributor for that matter.

    We used to be three engineers, Miguel, Gabriel, and myself. About about a month ago, Gabe stoped being a regular contributor due to family reasons. He still contributes occasionally though.

    Miguel prefers to lay low and just code, so I took over the forums and the community edition site. I get some help from @GreenMotion who is a moderator on the forums.

    We just launched our commercial hosted edition, also about a month ago:

    We have a managing partner, Michael, who handles billing and support for us on the hosted side. We don't push the hosted edition yet because the community edition is a little behind.

    - We have an internal SVN repository that we just converted to Git. We will be publishing a fork on GitHub so that we can begin to accept public merge requests. That is coming in a few weeks.

    - We are doing a complete redisign of the community edition site and forums to closely align with the hosted edition site. That should be live in a few days.

    - We will be release the next minor release of the community edition in about a week, which will contain some bug fixes. The next major release is still some months out.

    - Our main goal in the next couple of weeks is to polish the community edition and greatly improve our community edition documentation which badly needs some love.

    - A repository for addons is coming shortly after the community edition site redesign. That way we won't have to manually add adds sent via email.

    Feel free to contribute addons (themes, plugins, or language packs). For now just send them to addon-submit [at] cumulusclips [dot] org.

    You can see our new release notes section at:

    Feature requests can be posted here on the forums in the Feature Request section.
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