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Pardon my lack of knowledge regarding Cumulus
I am seeking a Front End Gui (so to speak) for use on my website where the actual videos will be stored on a cdn which will also en/transcode for various devices.
Is Cumulus what 'm looking for?
I'm not talking about youtube or any of those


  • CumulusClips Community Edition does not support CDNs natively. It's possible to create a plugin so that it uses a CDN to host and deliver the videos, but you would need to write that plugin.

    It will also transcode uploaded videos and allow them to be viewable on both mobile (iOS & Android) and Desktops. It will host them as kind of a catalog, allowing users to browse and search for them. You can even embed them on to other websites.

    You will be responsible for maintaining and setting up the server.

    You can download the free community edition on this website. Click on the download button in the top navigation menu.

    CumulusClips Hosted Edition (our new paid version), can do everything the free community edition does, but is additionally integrated with a CDN. You lose the ability to customize files and write custom plugins and themes. On the other, there is not maintenance or software to install as that is managed for you.

    You can find the paid version here:

    Hope this helps.
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