Updating to 1.3

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I went to update to version 1.3, via the admin area, but when that failed, I tried by downloading the script, and then uploading it to my site in question... http://flmbctube.com. What might I do to correct this? I would like to be able to begin uploading the videos from church camp, recorded last week. Thank you very much.


  • To manually update your site you need to upload and overwrite all the existing files with the new ones. If your auto-update failed or did not complete then you need to remove the temp file. There should be a hidden file/directory named '.update'. If you see it delete it. Also do not upload the install directory since your script is already installed.

    And finally be sure to check you don't accidentally delete any of your video files inside cc-content/uploads.
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    Okay, figured out through PHP myAdmin, on how to change the theme, and get myself logged back in as an admin. But I lost the connections to the videos, as they don't show up. I do know they are there in their respective folders. Any idea on how to correct that? Thanks.
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    Well, as I figured it would make more sense, decided to just start fresh. However, when I upload the prior version, it won't let me get past the requirements. Any ideas? I've tried clearing and going from scratch on both versions. http://flmbctube.com/install/

    [Update 7/29/12 1038: Firefox 14.0.1 works, once I cleared the "Browsing & Download History" under Tools / Clear Recent History. I logged in fine at the computer in the church building as I have it as the base sync station. I had used Safari 5.1.7, at home, until I downgraded to version 9.0.1, as I thought it was version 14.0.1.]
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