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hello there,

Any one with the idea how to display links of pages created in the admin panel onto the footer or header menu bar?

desperate, help.



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    Use this:


    $query = "SELECT page_id FROM " . DB_PREFIX . "pages WHERE status = 'published'";
    $resultPages = $db->fetchAll ($query, array());

    $pageList = $pageMapper->getPagesFromList(
    Functions::arrayColumn($resultPages, 'page_id')


    <?php foreach ($pageList as $page): ?>
    <p><a href="<?=HOST?>/<?=$page->slug?>/"><?=$page->title?></a></p>
    <?php endforeach; ?>
  • Thanks bro. One more thing, which file in my control panel do i go to inorder to insert this code.?
  • Which header/footer are you trying to display these links at? The ones for the main site or the ones for the admin panel?
  • i want to display them in footer for main site not admin.
  • Got it. So that means you add the code I provided above to the file:


    Make sure you create a custom theme so that your theme changes aren't lost during updates. See here if you're not sure how to do so:
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