Uploaded Video doesn't appear

After upload a video sucsessfully (.mp4), i found that there is no video appears at main page or anywhere while at 'auto-approve' already set.

please for your support for this problem. thanks alot


  • Go to Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> System Logs and purge the logs.

    Then go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video -> Log Encoding and set this to "enabled"

    Next try your upload again. After a few minutes go back to the logs page and attach the contents of the two log files here.
  • thanks ..
    what i asked above was cause by "unknown libfaac" but it already done.
  • There has to be another error in your log. If you go to cc-core/logs, you will find a logfile that corresponds with your video. Please post that log here so we can have a better look at what's going on.
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