Adding videos manually

Great script! So I would like to add videos manually to the database but I don't know the correct values. First of all I have the .webm file in cc-content/uploads/webm/filename.webm, correct? Then I don't know what values to use in the databse because I haven't uploaded anything due to server limitations. Can you take a screenshot from the videos table on demo database?
Thank you


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    For example in the status field is it supposed to be "active"? Or length as 00:00:08? And I would like to use WebM as the only format. Thanks
  • Or could someone take ascreenshot from database which has videos?
  • I figured it out. The lenght is 00:08 and status is approved. I have some problems however. The link is messed up on some videos. Its fine when clicking the thumbnail but the actual link is:
    Also I don't know how to set up thumbnail manually.
  • I have been trying to find different ways to get this script working and shared hosting didn't work. Can someone please respond?
  • You discovered a bug. Open the file /cc-content/themes/default/blocks/video.phtml

    And change the following snippet towards the end of the file:




    There should already be instance of his in that file, we just missed the other one.

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